Meet Alfred

I’m giving up on catching up on my blog and just starting with the present.

We’ve had Alfred for just over one week now and wow did I underestimate the amount of work that goes into keeping a puppy. He is absolutely adorable, enjoys a good cuddle when he’s tired, and keeps us laughing, so it’s worth it. He’ll stop getting up before 5am someday.

A side effect that completely did not think about is that Ballard feels like a real neighborhood now. People stop and talk to us all the time and we’ve even learned the names of some other residents in our condo. It’s almost difficult to take him for a walk with every. single. person. wanting to stop and pet the teddy bear.

First picture, just a little while after we picked him up from the farm in Elk, WA.

First bath. Not his favorite thing and he looked so tiny when all his fur was wetted down.

Hanging out at Grandpa Ken and Cathy’s place on his first day with us.

Relaxing with Talia during a BBQ.

Family photo.

The cutest little puppy face ever.

9 weeks old.

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