Summer Bucket List

One of my favorite bloggers, Holly of Holly Would If She Could, always posts a bucket list for each new season. I like the idea of trying to be more intentional with my time, especially since the days turn into weeks turn into months faster than ever right now it seems.

Keeping in mind what we’ve already signed up to take on this summer (I’m considering summer to be Memorial Day to Honeymoon), I created my own Summer Bucket List. It is a bit of a cheat since many of these were already planned for before I decided to make a list. Oh well…my blog, my list, my rules.


Host a wedding wine tasting party
Have friends over for a BBQ

Beauty and Style

Wear a dress/skirt to work everyday for a week
Buy and wear white denim
Start wearing glasses more than contacts


Go to my BACHELORETTE party!
Day trip to somewhere new in Washington State
Weekend trip to Lake Chelan


Plan and throw a WEDDING!
Get a PUPPY!


Pick berries at a U-Pick berry farm
Make something preserved with the berries
Make a new cocktail with each of the herbs growing on the balcony
Enjoy outdoor brunch at a new restaurant


Run a half marathon
Beat my 2011 Warrior Dash time

Yes please, a little more of this bad-assery.

8 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. Holly

    Hooray for Bucket Lists! I can’t wait to get my summer one up. It should be a doozy. Looks like you have a great one planned! 🙂

    1. Beth Collins Post author

      Thanks for the comment! Love the bucket list idea. Should have added “wear a belt”, though. If it’s not on the list, might not get up the courage! 😉

    1. Beth Collins Post author

      I have no control over that one, Mom. 🙂 I could add something like “Spend retirement fund buying adorable things for my new niece and nephew”.

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