The Sounders

Greg and I bought Seattle Sounders season tickets this year with our friends James and Talia. It turns out our seats are great and I enjoy soccer more than I thought I would. The Sounders won the first game 3-1 against Toronto. Looking forward to the rest of the season, especially games in the sun come summer.

The first game was on St. Patrick's Day, so instead of buying expensive cheap beer we just Irish'd up our cups a bit. I went with Bailey's, Greg went with Jameson. Very festive of us.

Contrary to what this picture might have you think, Greg was actually excited to be at the game.

Talia and James. Talia is also my running buddy, we're doing the Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon together in June.

Goal! Sounders win 3-1. Hat trick by Estrada, and free hair cuts for everyone!

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