Cooking Class

Lauren and Stu gave us a great engagement gift that we totally weren’t expecting – a gift certificate to a Hipcooks cooking class. We reviewed the schedule and picked “A Cocktail Party“, since I was interested in new appetizer ideas and Greg has been getting into cocktail making when we have friends over for dinner. We went this past Friday night and had a great time.

Hipcooks is in a few cities and I would highly recommend as a gift idea for a couple.

We couldn’t take pictures at the food stations without washing our hands each time we touched our phones, so all of my pictures are from the cocktail station. The food was plentiful and delicious though. I forgot my new camera so these are all from my iPhone. I need to get a purse that fits my camera so I stop forgetting to bring it on our adventures.

Fresh mint leaves and lime juice mojito. So good.

Muddling limes and sugar. (That was another person's hand, Greg has not started wearing jewelry.)

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