Meet the Parents

My parents came out from Denver last weekend so my dad could meet Greg’s family. While the weather was pretty crappy, we had a fun, relaxing and quick trip with them. After grabbing lunch we dropped them off at their hotel to check in. We’d been wondering how the new boutique hotel was, turns out it is very cute but cold. 

Since restaurants can be loud and hard to talk to people not right next to you, we had Ken and Cathy, Mom and Dad, and Mike over for a drink and some cheese before we went to dinner. The whole evening was fun and I look forward to more times in the future to get our families together. Best line of the night: “Well, you know what it’s like to walk the halls of Congress.” Our dad’s definitely move in the same, but totally different, circles.

After multiple reminders to set their clocks forward, my parents forgot and we surprised them at 9:30, ready for family meeting number two. Roberta picked the Edgewater for brunch, and it was delicious and beautiful. It’s too bad it wasn’t better weather as the restaurant is really hanging over the water of the Puget Sound. Despite the weather, we enjoyed Bloody Mary’s and I had an amazing lobster hash (sauce on the side and untouched, thank you very much Weight Watchers). 

I introduced Mom to Glassybabies after we finished eating. She needed a gift for Sherry for watching Mia, so a candle made right here in Seattle seemed perfect. I’m obsessed with them now, but we only have a white one. I need to get some more colors for fun party decorations. I just wish they weren’t quite so pricey.

Our last stop before the airport was the Dome Room. I love having people in town who want to check it out so I have another excuse to see it.

I’m a lucky lady to have these two gentlemen in my life.

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