New York, New York

Wow, I fell off the blog wagon big time in February. Time to pick back up.

Over President’s Day Weekend Greg and I spent time with my good friends Jamie and Julie. The J’s recently moved from DC to Westfield, an adorable town in New Jersey. The moved from SF to DC right as Greg and I started dating, so he had never met them. I wanted to make sure we remedied that before the big day.

I flew out Friday afternoon, arriving around 11. Greg was already with J&J as he had been in NYC for work all week. We caught up and watched some bad TV then went to bed. The real fun started Saturday.

We woke up and went to a local deli for breakfast. I turned down the bagel that came with my omlette, which was a total no-no. I’m pretty sure they are going to have to find a new place for weekend breakfasts. After filling up, we walked to the train station and headed into the city. We got off near the WTC and checked out the new Freedom Tower from a distance. We then walked across town and walked over the Brookly Bridge. It was cool, but all having lived in SF, we agreed it’s hard to beat walking over the Golden Gate.


We enjoyed our afternoon dining on pizza and sampling beers at the (over crowded and not that exciting) Brooklyn Brewery. We stayed in Brooklyn for dinner later then headed back home. On the way Julie decided it would be a good time to try one of the tall boys, like she sees people with all the time on the train. I think Jamie was done with us at this point.


On Sunday after breakfast (I accepted my bagel this time) we went for a walk with Regal, their elderly begal. Regal and I used to do lots of walking together in SF. We had beautiful panoramic views of Manhattan. Sadly the whole weekend I was thinking about my Project 365 pictures that I hardly took any people photos. I’m going to start working on that.




We had a great time and it was so good to spend time with people I’ve known for what seems like forever. Can’t wait to see them in Seattle in September!

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