A January Update

Attend CrossFit three times per week – I rocked this goal, actually came in slightly ahead at 14 visits to my box in January. I went three days each week and got up to four one week.

Run a half marathon – I’m thinking about running the Seattle Rock n Roll Half with the Slalom running team or my friend Talia in June.

Deadlift 1.5 times my body weight – I’m up to doing 105# repeatedly in a workout, so my 1 rep max is probably getting close to 150 or so, but I haven’t tested it since I made this goal. I think I’ll have no problem getting to 1.5 times my weight by years end.

Take 10 minutes off my 2011 Warrior Dash time – Going to have to wait until July to see how this goes.

Do an unassisted pull-up – I’ve moved from a green band to a blue plus purple, which is progress. BUT, I went to try an unassisted one the other morning and I literally pulled my body up maybe a centimeter. Can we say reach goal?

Read 30 books – 4 books down in January!

Fully fund the house down payment account – We’re making really good progress and are just under 40% of our goal. Plus, after a lot of cleaning out and purging in the new year, we’re content in the condo and not itching to get out. We could stay forever (or until we had a toddler) if we just had a spare room for guests/office. But we’re okay for now.

Make photo albums for Europe, wedding, and honeymoon – To be honest, I forgot this was on the list.

Blog twice a week to remember the year – So far so good.

Participate in project 365 – 31 pictures posted for January! Only one day out of the month did I forget and have to post a filler picture from the previous weekend.

Find a church – No progress.

Complete 2 bible studies – I just started week two of Beth Moore’s Breaking Free over at WomensBibleCafe.com. I love it, there is a sense of community but no pressure/requirement to show up on time, just post your comments on the blog.  Also, this study happens to be on the iPad, so I don’t have to carry around a bunch of stuff. Makes it easy to do the daily work during my lunch time.

Volunteer 12 times – No progress in January, so I guess I’ll have to double up another month.

Write to compassion kids once a month – January done! Now that they offer online letter writing, complete with uploading pictures, it is much easier to get into a monthly routine.

Random January Challenge: After the holidays, Greg and I were pretty much addicted to online shopping. We decided to take a break for the month of January. It was a great experience. We noticed the money savings, but I think more importantly I broke some of the addiction to shopping. It’s no longer a quick fix. The few things I bought I enjoyed making the trip to the store, browsing, and deciding to purchase or not. I’m going to stick with it, with the exception of a few food staples that I buy on Amazon that are much cheaper there than in the store (these are auto-purchase anyway, so I won’t be “shopping” online).

Weight Loss: This is the only place where I’m disappointed in myself. My 15 pounds is now 14, but I was hoping for a lot more in my first month. Clearly being active isn’t the issue, so I’m making some changes to my food and really going to work on my sleep in February. I’m looking for a 2 lb loss in Feb.

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