Birthday Recap

While I still have trouble accepting that I’m now 31, it was a great week of birthday celebrations.

Last Sunday we met Greg’s family for lunch and Roberta surprised me with a gift. She gave me a beautiful Kate Spade vase. I can’t wait to display it in our new house at some point.

On Thursday, my team at work surprised me with a cake and a round of Happy Birthday. It was especially shocking as I did not know that anyone knew when my birthday was. That night Greg gave me my present (we don’t really buy each other presents, we prefer to go out to a fancy dinner instead). We had some champagne that our CEO sent us for the holidays to ring in another year. Here I am in my new “T-Rex Hates Push-ups” t-shirts. This will be making it’s debut at the gym soon!

Friday night I got home early from work to presents from my sister and my parents – fun kitchen toys and bathing suit coverups to get excited about Mexico in September! Later that night we went out for my birthday dinner. Greg picked El Gaucho, a steakhouse that reminded me of restaurants you see in the show Mad Men. We had such a fun date night and the food was amazing. We had spicy shrimp to start, followed by steaks with mashed potatoes, and a few bites of a sundae that they sent out for my birthday. 

And finally, on Saturday night we had dinner with our friends, the Kays. Kii’s birthday is next week, so Greg and I picked up cupcakes on the way. After dinner at our new favorite Ballard restaurant, Root Table, we headed to a new Scottish pub, Macleod’s, for a drink and to share the cupcakes. We split three of them and left the fourth for our cocktail waitress. It’s nice to have a non-dive bar that isn’t too loud to have a conversation in the neighborhood. And with that statement, I guess I’m officially an old lady.

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