Farewell to Christmas 2011

It feels like we celebrated Christmas for the entire month of December this year. Our final event for the season was a trip to Denver to visit my family.

Greg and I headed out Thursday night and Becky and Joey arrived on Friday. Friday night we celebrated Dad’s and my birthdays at a restaurant in Castle Rock. My parents found a fantastic little Italian place that doesn’t involve driving into Denver. I think we’ll be sharing many meals over the years here. We did the rest of our typical Christmas activities – church on Christmas Eve (it was terrible!) followed by a prime rib dinner; Christmas day lazyness and puzzle doing; day after Christmas shopping.  We got the best of a White Christmas – flew in right after the big storm and enjoyed the pretty snow without actually having to deal with it.

3rd Annual Christmas Puzzle, done in record time this year

No visit is complete without Mia serving her guests a cup of tea.

The future Dr. Collins in her new Christmas PJs

As usual, I got a a few iPhone pics of the two year old and not much else. She needs to be a little less cute so I’ll be better at photo documenting the rest of the family. I had to steal a picture from my mom’s blog to prove that Greg and I were actually in Denver.

It was fun but now that I’m home and the holidays are over I’m ready to get back into a routine and finally get in shape. Seriously. The 15 pounds I’ve gained since May 2010 are no longer welcome. I need to take some ‘before’ pictures so I can post them here once I have some after pics. For now, I’m posting this to shame myself into getting it together – the wrong direction before and after! (I don’t understand why WordPress strips the ‘before’ and ‘after’ words from the picture, but it’s obvious which one is the one I’d like to be reality and which is the current reality.)

Not wanting to end on THAT note, here’s Greg and I’s Christmas card from this year. It was fun to finally get to do a printed one, though it seems not all of them made it to our loved ones. I paid extra for the square envelope stamps and I know of 3 that haven’t been delivered (three weeks later). I’m already excited about next year’s and brain storming cute wedding pic ideas so we have something good.

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