Meet the Martins (and the Shamleys and the Shales)

Greg, Mike, and I drove out to eastern Washington on Saturday morning to attend the annual Martin/Shamley/Shales Christmas Party. This year Ken and Cathy hosted at their home so we were able to get lots of visiting in with them. I met about thirty members of Greg’s extended family at the party, so it will be nice to see some familiar faces at the wedding from his side. It also helps to come from a large family when you are meeting another!

Unbeknownst to me, the family decided to start a new tradition for engaged couples with Greg and me. Each family brought us an ornament to help us decorate our first tree. I thought this was so sweet! We ended up with ten ornaments. Below on the left is our favorite (weird that next Christmas I’ll be an “M” and not a “C” anymore!) and on the right is the most sentimental. Greg’s great aunt Pat brought it for us and said “it’s not the prettiest nor the most expensive, but it’s got the most sentiment”. It is an ornament that Greg’s great grandma Nell made years and years ago. How nice of Aunt Pat to pass it to us. It will be fun to take all the ornaments out of storage next year and see them on the tree.

We had a mini Christmas later on Saturday evening with Ken and Cathy since Greg and Mike will be in Seattle for Christmas. We are quite excited about our cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner! I think that officially makes us old and (almost) married. They also got us stocking with our names on them as part of the ornament party. Now we have a fireplace that looks Christmas ready!

On Sunday before heading back to Seattle we stopped in at the new Wenatchee hospital to visit Greg’s great aunt Jean Anne who was recovering from surgery. We also stopped in to see Greg’s grandma on his mom’s side, Clara. She lives in Cashmere, but was in the hospital recuperating from the flu. She and Roberta look so similar and what a coincidence that we both have a grandma Clara.

We made it back into Seattle on Sunday afternoon and had our second Sunday night movie and dinner. We watched Four Christmases and ate fish tacos. I need to work on planning my food themes better. I think we’re going to keep our Sunday night movie going after the holidays, it’s a fun way to relax and spend time together before the busy week starts. We’ve got two dinners this week then head out to Denver on Thursday. December has been nothing if not busy! But also very fun.

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