Weekend Update

We had a nice weekend in Seattle before we head out of town the next three weekends.

Friday night Greg suggested we go out to eat and watch the PAC 10 championship game. I had been in a bit of a funk all week (hence Greg actually suggesting watching football) and decided to order myself this ridiculous drink. It tasted delicious, but definitely not something I’ll be having regularly. UCLA didn’t win (nor should they should have), but we played with heart and didn’t get shut out. And, I went to bed determined to wake up with an “attitude of gratitude” on Saturday morning and get over myself.

Smores Martini

I went for my first run in a very long time on Saturday morning. It was only two miles, but it felt great to get outside. Later in the afternoon we went to Fred Meyer to pick up a few things. Since we are going to be traveling so much this year, we decided not to get a real tree. We’ll wait until next year when we are hopefully in a house and cut back our traveling. While at the store I found a table top tree, a strand of mini LED lights, and tiny bell ornaments.

Saturday night was the night for holiday parties. First we stopped in at Roberta’s party that she hosted for friends and fellow residents of Escala. She did a lovely job and it was especially fun to see since it was in the same space and the same caterers that we’ll be using for our rehearsal dinner and welcome party! I was so excited to see the room set up for a party and imagine what ours will look like.

After stopping in and saying hello we headed over to the Slalom holiday party at the EMP. Our theme was Rock the Holidays which explains our “rocktail” attire. No, Greg does not usually wear eye make-up. It was a fun night with friends and a great 70s band. I was super excited to pick-up my Christmas gift from the company – a hoodie! I will happily wear free advertising if it’s in the form of lounge clothing.

It was sunny outside this morning so we decided to grab coffee and walk the three mile loop around Green Lake. It was so beautiful the cold didn’t really seem to matter.

We just finished the weekend off with homemade lamb shwarma and a viewing of Christmas Vacation. It was a very happy weekend here in Martin Collins land. 🙂

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