Thank You, Cyber Monday!

Me, Julie, and Alyssa at Julie's Wedding in May 2011

In September last year, one of my best friends, Julie, left San Francisco with her husband to move back east. They settle in DC for a year, but recently decided to move near friends and family in New Jersey. Because they moved right at the time Greg and I started dating, he has never met J&J. This seems crazy to me because they were such a huge part of my life in SF, but the timing just worked out that way. I like to think of it as a door closing, window opening sort of situation… best friend moved away, soon-to-be-husband comes on scene.

I had been wanting to visit them in DC, but with the craziness of travel and moving in 2011 it never happened. I figured 2012 was a wash, too. With very limited PTO, I had to find a holiday weekend to visit. Last time I checked, flights over President’s Day weekend were $550 each. I wasn’t expecting much when I clicked on the Alaska email listing Cyber Monday sales. I’m still pinching myself that I found round trip non-stop tickets from Seattle to Newark for $240 each.

I can’t wait to see some of my favorite people AND introduce my favorite person to them! It may not be the warm weather of last year’s President’s weekend trip to Puerto Vallarta, but I’m happy we ended up not booking a getaway this year (due to the crazy flight prices to Mexico and Hawaii and that upcoming honeymoon we have) so we have the weekend free for this. It also happens to be another state I can cross off my list. Yipee!

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