Wedding Wednesday: Meet Our Photographer

I am beyond delighted that we booked the fabulous Miss Barbie Hull as our wedding photographer. I loved her pictures from the second Megan recommend I take a look at her site.

Greg and I met her at a coffee shop in Fremont on a week night about a month ago. We instantly hit it off with her (these wedding “dates” to meet vendors are so strange) and I knew I wanted her. We managed to make a deal work by dropping a few things (like prints and an actual album) and we couldn’t be more happy.

Check out this post of Barbie’s for some awesome pictures from a wedding she recently did at the Dome Room. (She’s too smart and has the photos protected, so you have to click over to view.) While our event won’t be quite so over-the-top, I’m excited to see what she’s going to do with it. First off though, we’ll be taking our engagement photos in January. I think we’ll keep our ideas for that under wraps until the photos are ready.

If you see this lady around at the wedding, SMILE!

photo “borrowed” from barbie’s website

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