DIY Success: Pumpkin Vase and Chalkboard

I’m not the crafty type. At all. But lately I’ve been trying to spend less and save more, so when I decided I wanted a few decorations for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner I was hosting for Greg’s mom and brother, I went to Pinterest for some ideas. My original list included four projects for the dinner party. Luckily I came to my senses and cut it down to 1.5.

The .5 was turning a pumpkin that was delivered in my CSA box a few weeks ago into a vase. Pretty cute and rather economical – just a bunch of flowers from the grocery store. I’m not sure cutting a square on the top of a pumpkin and adding store-bought flowers counts as DIY, so I’m giving myself half credit.

The second involved several stores, some freezing temperatures, and more money than I had planned to spend. But, it’s cute and I can use it going forward, so I’ll dwell on that. Check out the before and after shots of a frame from Goodwill transformed into a chalkboard for my dinner party menu. Spray painting in Seattle in November is not advised.




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