I came across the MSM blog a few years ago and check in from time to time. A lot of it is not applicable to me (I hardly eat any processed food, I don’t use enough commercial toiletries anymore to warrant playing the drugstore game, and, admittedly, I do not wear 2 pairs of jeans from Target for $9 shipped), but I do like the series Crystal posts on occasion.

Earlier this week, she started a series on leading a disciplined life. I am probably more disciplined than a lot of people. For example, I have planned about 40% of a wedding in 6 weeks. But, there are areas that are not as fun or don’t appeal to me as much where I am much less disciplined. There’s always room for improvement, right?! I decided to join in on her 21 day plan, even though I’m already behind on the first day of practical application.

  • Day One: Discipline is a Choice    New systems (organizers, spreadsheets, etc) are not going to fix our discipline problems. WE are going to fix our discipline problems by choosing to do so. Interesting to read and think about, especially for someone who is constantly thinking of new goals, rules, and tracking systems in my head. Assignment: Pick something you’ve been putting off and get it done in the next 24 hours. My goal is to finish Primal Body, Primal Mind, which I have been slowly making my way through since I started it in September for an online book club.  The book club is long done and I’m still not finished; not because it’s not good but because I keep picking up other books instead. Since I’ve got the head cold from hell, I’m giving myself 72 hours. I have until end of day Friday. This is part of my goal to use my free time more smartly. Not that free time shouldn’t be fun, but checking Facebook updates every five minutes is not how I want to spend my time.
  • Day Two: Discipline is a Process   Just resolving to be a disciplined person does not make you on. You have to follow through with it. Assignment: Choose one small bad habit you will commit to reverse or one good habit you will aim to implement in your life for the next 20 days. This was easy to pick, but we’ll see how easy it is to follow through with. I am going to walk in the door and put all my stuff away. Every time. Shoes in closet, clothes hung up or in laundry bins, purse and laptop bag away, lunch dishes in dishwasher, and anything I brought home from the store put away in it’s place. I will feel less stressed at the end of the night and I think I will have a very happy fiance.  This is part of my goal to be a neater person and have a less stressful environment.

I doubt I’ll have time to detail out each day, but I’m enjoying this so far and look forward to the remaining 19 days.

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