Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party Cards

***New series!! Wedding Wednesday!!***

 Ha, let’s see how long this lasts.  Not that I’ve stuck to a single blog idea I’ve had for more than a week or two. But I’m going to try. There are so many little things about the wedding that I want to remember, but I’m sure I’ll forget about if I don’t write about them.

Now that my ladies have all received these notes in the mail, I can share my bridal party invites. I worked with Cami’s Papery on Etsy to customize these adorable cards. I went with a design she already had and picked the colors, but she allows you to customize the fonts as well if you want. I’m really into mixed fonts right now, and I loved the vintage feel of the flowers. Since the color is not fantastic below, I’ll describe: the names and role are in a dark blue, the flowers are a bright pink and the rest of the wording is gray. This is the first time I’ve seen my color concept come together and I love it! We’ll see how it will evolve from here.

Cami was fanstastic. The cards were designed almost over night and were exactly what I wanted. So cute!


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