When are you getting married?

If I had a nickel…

I’m not going to finish that sentence because I’m already practically an eighty year old most of the time and don’t need to make myself seem even more so. But, seriously. I can’t even count how many times in the four weeks since we’ve been betrothed someone has asked us when and where we are getting married.

By the end of Vamoose (the Slalom Seattle retreat weekend) Greg and I just started replying with “downtown in September”. We really had no idea, but were tired of the (well meaning) suggestions and advice that came when we dared admit we didn’t know the details yet. I had, after all, been 21 days since he popped the question.

BUT … drum roll please … we have a date and a location! I still have to sign and fax some legalize, and put down a deposit that would feed a family for a year (yes, having some guilt about all this). But, baring any acts of God (for which, should one happen, we will not be charged a cancellation fee), we will be getting married on September 22nd, 2012 at the Dome Room in Seattle.

I am so very excited. First off, it’s a beautiful space. Beautiful enough that my non-crafty self won’t have to stress about decorating, it will shine on its own.

And secondly, unknowingly, we scheduled our wedding for the first day of Fall. My absolute favorite season. I live for Fall; when my pasty legs can hide under tights and boots, the leaves turn colors (in my new city they actually do, we don’t just pretend!), and it’s dark and cozy early at night.

We can’t wait for friends and family to come visit our city and spend the weekend with us. It’s going to be one damn good party. And a pretty spectacular life to follow.

Yes, I still use a paper planner and yes, it is a two-year one. I told you I was pushing eighty.

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