This post is a few weeks late, but I want to write it down so I remember it all.

(And yes, I’ve given up on a Paleo blog. While I still eat this way about 80% of the time, I don’t have the passion or desire or time to try and blog about it. Back to “online scrapbooking”, especially since this next year is going to be so much fun and I want to remember it all.)

On the Friday of Labor Day weekend, Greg and I both flew into SFO late in the evening. August was so insane, I can’t even recall from where Greg flew. We stayed at a Holiday Inn near the airport to get some rest before starting our three day drive from SF to Seattle. My car (and twenty or so pounds of grass fed beef) were still in California and it was time to make me a full-fledged Seattle resident.

We started out early Saturday morning and our plan was to make it out of California. We stopped along Avenue of the Giants to see the redwoods but sadly never found the giant tree you can supposedly drive thru.

Avenue of the Giants in Northern California

As we crossed the border into Oregon, we hit a wall of fog as we were now along the coast. We got to our ocean front view room at the Best Western in Brookings. It must have been nondescript because, besides the fog keeping us from our ocean view, I can not remember anything about the hotel.

We had dinner in the “lounge” at the local steak joint. It was just what I’d imagine a small town steak place to be: Delicious food, friendly people, and entertaining clientele.

Saturday morning we headed out early after steak leftovers for breakfast. We stopped for gas, where Greg pumped his own because he didn’t care for the inefficiency of the Oregon law. We were chastised and on our merry way, with lots of foggy coast to cover before we got to Newport to stop for the night.

We tried to stop at a few spots along the way, but Greg found each place unworthy for this reason or that. (“I can’t believe we can’t walk to the lighthouse from the side of highway 1.” “Umm, it’s okay babe, there will be others?”)

Somewhere along Highway 1 we found Heceta Beach. There was no parking to be found, but Greg was determined and found a dirt lot. I wasn’t sure why it was so important that we stop at a foggy, cold beach when we still had at least two hours of driving ahead of us, but I went along with the plan without complaining.

We made our way out to the beach and Greg suggested we walk a ways across the beach to a few logs. I didn’t think much of it, followed him, and started looking at shells like a two year old. Then, unbeknown to what was coming next, I got all cute and wrote a little “Beth loves Greg” in the sand with a stick.

I started to get restless after 15 minutes or so (it was cold and foggy, did I mention?!), and I think I suggested going back to the car. Greg quickly sprung up and said that there was something he wanted to do before we left. Next thing I knew he got down on one knee (more like a bouncy genuflection – up and down) and suggested I marry him. I responded “of course”.

The bling.

I was certainly surprised and very excited. We stayed on the beach for a few more minutes then made our way back to the car. I tried to make phone calls but most of them were unsuccessful thanks to crappy AT&T coverage.

We checked into another ocean front room, in Newport this time. Still no view of the beach. Greg had made plans for us to have dinner at a local seafood restaurant in the old part of Newport (another ocean front local lacking a view!) and we had a great night with each other and fielding phone calls and text messages from family and friends.

At dinner after our engagement.

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