September?!?! And box jumps.

While I find it crazy that it’s already September and we’re now into the final third of the year, I am so happy August is behind me. It was a long, tough month. But, I am nearly settled into Seattle and have a fun road trip to look forward to starting on Saturday.

I’m probably never going to get back around to posting daily food because it’s time consuming and I don’t have a personal computer at the moment. Well, I do, but it’s wrapped up in styrofoam and stored under the television. Which means I can upload pictures only from my iPhone, which is super time consuming. And posts listing out food without pictures are even more boring than posts about what someone ate for the day. If that’s possible.

Who knows what I’ll write about. Maybe I need to step into the uncomfortable world of no rules for a bit and just see what happens. Easier said then done for us Type A peeps.

This morning I had the second of two one-on-one sessions at my new box, Northwest Crossfit. I am loving it so far and will be joining the regular classes next week.

I had a big breakthrough this morning and conquered a 16″ box jump!

Prior to this morning, I had a huge mental block and could not face more than a 12″ box. I would get in position, get ready to jump, and just freak out. I have no idea what I was so scared of. I don’t mind getting bruised with the bar or tearing up my hands trying pull-ups, but the box jump felt too threatening. 16″ is still not the regular women’s height (20″), but it’s four inches I’m proud of. I doubt I’ll ever get up to the skill level of the guy in the photo, but how awesome is that!

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