I can’t believe it’s August. This has been the craziest few months I think I’ve ever had. I’m in the middle of a seven week spree where I only had one weekend at home. Every weekend trip has been so much fun and full of people I love to spend time with, but I’m ready for Fall to be here and things to calm down a bit!

My July challenges were fun and I learned a lot, even if I still have a ways to go to perfecting having a cup of bone broth every day. And yes, I’m still soda free. Almost four weeks. Definitely a HUGE accomplishment for me. On to August…

I’m not going to lie. I’m not exactly looking forward to my Clean Eating challenge this month, but I think it’s important. I am going to begin exploring offal.

Probably not going to get to liver for breakfast, but looking forward to making a good pate!

While I think Paleo eating is 100% more healthy than the SAD diet, I don’t think perfect health is a simple as removing the non-nutritious food that has been introduced in to our diets over the last several thousand years, especially in the last 50 years. This approach misses the foods that were eaten regularly by our anscestors that we no longer eat. As usual, others have said it better than I can. CaveGirlEats wrote a great piece and the links she has at the bottom of the post I recommend reading as well.

I’m starting slow, with two recipes. I probably won’t get to them until mid month as things are just crazy for the next two weeks. Eventually, I’d like to incorporate a few servings of offal per week in my diet. There are so many recipes out there to try that I’m sure I can find a few that are not only healthy but also taste great.

And for my second challenge, maybe I’ll start calling it Clean Living , I am going to begin the Oil Cleansing Method for washing my face. About six months ago I switched from typical drug store brand products to organic goods. (I highly recommend these products if you’re looking for something chemical free.) I’d like to simplify and clean up my routine even more so, so here goes!

I’ll be back throughout the month with updates and more information on why you might want to think about eating offal and ceasing washing your face with commercial products.

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