Broth Bust

My chicken neck broth was a total bust. Following what I had read about (and wrote about here) various types of bones, and knowing neck bones were more on the gelatinous side, I decided to cook them on the stove for about four hours. The broth was very thin and the necks had disintegrated past recognition. Not that I ever would have known they were chicken necks to begin with if I hadn’t ordered them and seen it printed on the package.

I bottled the broth, placed it in the fridge, and hoped for the best. In the morning it was still thin liquid, no gel whatsoever, and hardly any fat. A day or two later when I was busy in the kitchen I decided to try one last trick to save the broth. I boiled it down and tried to make a demi-glaze, but the liquid just all evaporated and left me with a slightly burnt pan. I’m working on my kitchen multi-tasking.

I just ran out of my original beef broth and I won’t have a fresh supply of bones until my August CSA package arrives next Thursday. I’ve settled into drinking my cup each night when I get home from work, usually starving, while I make dinner. It’s perfect – I don’t snack before my meal and I don’t graze off the food I’m cooking.

So my second attempt wasn’t a winner, but I did learn a lot with my first challenge this month. Going forward I would love to make enough at the beginning of the month to last me through, or at max make it twice a month. The ice cube tray method is the easiest for both storage and portability (just add hot water to a few cubes and in 2 or 3 minutes my broth is “brewed”). I’m looking forward to trying other meat bones as well as getting into fish broths. For now I’m going to stay away from chicken unless I roast a whole one.

AND… I haven’t had a soda since the day I announced I was giving it up. I’ve gone about three weeks and only crave it now maybe once a week. Usually when I’m stressed, bored, or someone pops one open right near me. Besides a few glass of red wine or bubbly, I’m living on water and drinking nearly 100 ounces of it a day. But that is a post for another time.

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