The First Batch

I made my first batch of broth over a week ago but haven’t had time to sit and write about it until now. I used this recipe, because of it’s simplicity, with 2.5 lbs of “regular” beef bones from my meat CSA. I don’t know exactly what “regular” bones means, but they worked great. I browned the bones for about thirty minutes at 350, then dumped everything into my crock pot for 2 hours on high followed by another 22 on low.

First batch of broth, cooled and ready for the fridge/freezer.

The true test of my broth came the morning after I cooled and bottled the broth. I popped out of bed at 5:30 for Crossfit and nearly ran to the kitchen to check out my broth. Just as I had hoped, a layer of fat on top and a nearly solid, gelatinous jar of broth awaited me! The solid, jello-like state is a sign of good stuff (technical term).

Check out the delicious layer of fat at the top!

My first cup of broth was tasty and surprisingly filling. I had it while making dinner and found that I was barely hungry for dinner once it was ready. Since then I’ve had a cup of broth almost daily difficult when traveling, so I’ve skipped a few days). I either have it to hold myself over between meals or add it to a meal (dumping an extra cup of broth while heating up frozen soup makes for a very quick and easy dinner).

This batch made six cups of broth. I was hoping to get two weeks worth of broth (plus some for cooking) from each set of bones, so following this post from Traditional Foods the bones went back in to the crock pot for round two. Instead of garlic I added veggies scraps from that night’s dinner that I would have otherwise composted.

Somehow the water ended up all boiling off and I ended up with more of a demi-glaze then broth. Thanks to the interwebs, I saved my broth. I froze the small amount of very thick broth in 6 slots of an ice cube tray. I haven’t tried it yet, but the idea is to take a cube or two and defrost in a cup of hot water for instant broth. If it works out, I might go this way intentionally as it takes less freezer space.

This weekend I’m going for broth round two with my chicken necks. And will hopefully get to the farmers market to stock up on more bones.

Oh. I’m also 15 days soda free. Go me.

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