A Cosmetic Reason to Broth It Up

As I’ve been reading more and more about the health benefits of bone broth, I keep coming across notes on broth’s power to reduce cellulite. Most articles I’ve read focus on other benefits of broth and just mention cellulite reduction in passing. Curious about this potential magical power, I plopped down for another few hours of broth research and found a wealth of information.

Thanks to Google, I stumbled across a great blog that looks at all aspects of cellulite from a lay person’s perspective. I can’t find any “about” information on the site, but it appears to be written by a thirty-something woman who struggles with cellulite and is on a mission to find real ways to fight it. While there are several articles on the site that explain the role of broth in cellulite reduction, I found this to be the best one-stop read. The post details why we have cellulite and the role that broths play in banishing it forever.

Cellulite turns out to be yet one more of the modern Western diseases with which we’re left to deal. This article offers a brief history of cellulite and discusses how our current lifestyles (diet, movement, clothing) have resulted in cellulite once being an issue for a few wealthy women to now impacting 90% of us.

Interesting information for sure. While I don’t think I have an extreme amount of cellulite, bouncing back and forth between 10 pounds for the last few years has left it’s ugly mark. I’ll definitely be watching out for changes as I start introducing my daily cup of broth.

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