Broth Surfing

What I am loving about my challenge (and something I was hoping would come out of it) is that I have a channel for my energy. Instead of randomly playing on the internet and wasting mostly idle hours, I’m using my free time to read as much as I can on broth and it’s benefits as a traditional food. I’ve found that since I am not mindlessly spending time web surfing, I read a few articles then walk away from the computer. Overall I’m spending less time online and using the time I am on more constructively.

Here’s a fun video I came across. I’m not sure I’ve seen someone this excited about soup bones before, but it makes me excited to get home and start my first batch of broth this week! I’m also looking forward to the free broth and soup class they are going to post on Facebook sometime this summer.

One thought on “Broth Surfing

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