Because I Like a Good Challenge

It’s clear I quickly became tired of blogging my daily food. It is so much easier for me to eat clean when I stick to simple meals that fit with my busy schedule. This meant though that I end up eating a lot of the same meals again and again. I don’t mind at all (meat + salsa + guac makes for a very happy Bethosaur), but it makes picture taking and blog writing tedious. I’m sure it also makes blog reading tedious. 😉

However, I’ve really enjoyed blogging. I know I’m not a good writer and I hope that consistently writing will help me become a better one. As I hit my six month mark in dabbling with the Paleo lifestyle, I have lots of thoughts swimming through my head: My new adventures in Crossfit, not just believing everything “the Paleos” say and finding my own answers, books I’m reading, sources of quality food, and fun new kitchen toys that make cooking better than eating out.  These are all topics I’d love to explore more in writing, but I’m going to start with my July challenge.

I tend to try too many new ideas and really never finish the majority. I have more supplies that are unused in my home than are used (last week I threw out a never opened homemade cheese kit I bought back in 2008). So I’ve made myself a list of two challenges per month, roughly picked from a cooking challenge and a life style challenge. I’m hoping these will keep me from buying supplies I won’t use,  help me stick to the new things I try, give me an outlet for all the energy I have for clean eating and living, and give me fodder for blog writing.

For July I’m focusing on daily bone broth and giving up soda (once and for all!). I’ve been wanting to put both of these are ideas in motion for a while and I think they work together well. Give up my daily soda and replace it with nutritious bone broth. I’ll be back with my progress with giving up the big, bad soda, facts about broth (as I’ve read to do my own research, I’m certainly not about to pretend to be a nutrition expert), and my attempts at making my own broth.



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