Blog break, but not a Paleo break

Sometime last week I fell out of my blog routine and am just now getting back into it. Client work has not been crazy, but planning a weekend event for 310 guests for my “real” job has kept me busy. The event is in just five weeks so the pressure is on. Not to mention, I’m also trying to plan an interstate move without a real date on which I can actually move. Good times.

But, I have kept to my primal eating ways during this and have been loving my Crossfit Basics class. This morning I passed out of Basics and next week I can start taking classes with the big kids! I’m sad to be missing the final class on Friday, but I’m leaving tomorrow night for a relaxing weekend in Eastern Washington on Lake Chelan. Seeing the love for the first time since he left Paris, cruising on a boat, and grilling every meal.

Speaking of the grill, I planned the menu for the weekend and it’s 99% Paleo and 100% delicious. Grass fed steaks, hot dogs, and Turkish sliders. Red curry chicken skewers. Eggs. Bacon. I’ll probably have a little rice, maybe some tortilla chips when we go out for Mexican (since we are reuniting after 2.5 weeks we have to also reunite with the third person in our relationship – Mexican food), a few glasses of wine, maybe a little dairy. My goal is to stick to the menu and stay away from beer.

I definitely plan on doing more Whole30 challenges, but right now 100% staying away from gluten and having a little rice or corn on occasion is working really well. I feel great both physically and mentally. So I’m sticking with it. I miss my daily food posts so I think I’ll bring them back starting with this weekend. Gotta show off all my delicious AND healthy holiday grub.

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