Paleo Bites 6/19

Sunday morning was pretty lazy at the Collins studio. I made my favorite breakfast of baked eggs over sweet potatoes. This time I included spinach and leftover pastured pork sausage with half an avocado to top it off. Since I had finally unpacked from my trip, I also had tea that I bought in Paris.

I was really excited to make homemade mayonaise and have a tuna “sandwich” for lunch. But, my mayo was a total flop. I watched a few You Tube videos so I’m hoping my next attempt will go better. I had the rest of the stir fry from Saturday night for lunch instead.

With my last meat CSA package I added a pound of grass fed lamb stew meat. I’m trying to incorporate different meats (i.e. not eating grass fed ground beef or pastured eggs for every meal!) without breaking the bank. Someone suggested tougher cuts of meat that are not as expensive as steaks. While I thought these had to be cooked long and slow over low heat, I found that you can also sear / stir fry these meats quickly over high heat and they turn out yummy and tender. I cut the lamb stew chunks into pretty small, uniform pieces (maybe around 1/2 inch?) and lightly salt and peppered them. I let coconut oil heat to very hot in my wok, then tossed the lamb in for a few minutes to sear. I ate it in wraps with just diced avocado and salsa verde.

And lastly, this is what I spent my weekend doing. While I can’t completely pack up and shut down quite yet, I’m getting a good head start. Feels like I’m finally making progress on working my way north!

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