Paleo Bites 6/18

I love weekend mornings and having time to be lazy. I had to do a few hours of work on Saturday, but I took some time make myself homemade sausage patties using pastured ground pork and Penzey’s breakfast sausage seasoning. So good. I had my sausage with half of an avocado and a healthy scoop of sauerkraut.

I ended up not really eating lunch and instead eating a few smaller dishes throughout the day. I headed out for the farmers market and stopped in at Starbucks for a treat. I asked for an iced coffee with a splash of heavy cream. “Splash” was applied liberally, and I had more of a heavy cream latte. It was super filling so I skipped picking up anything from a vendor at the market for lunch.

After finishing my shopping, I realized I forgot my bus pass and had spent my last $2 on cherries for the ride home. The ride turned into a long walk home. I probably had about 1/3 of a pound since they were $6/lb. And finally, a little later in the afternoon I was hungry but not ready for dinner so I fixed myself half an avocado with balsamic and a little sea salt. I also had a few strawberries from the market.

I had planned on making a chicken stir fry for dinner, but when I looked in the freezer on Friday to defrost the chicken, I realized I was out of both breasts and thighs. All other  meat in the freezer has been spoken for, so I picked up a grass fed london broil at the market from the farm through which I have my meat CSA. I really didn’t know what meat to pick, so I went for the cheapest since I’d be slicing it and stir frying it. I used Melissa’s, from The Clothes Make the Girl, best ever stir fry sauce. It turned out great and would be perfect for a quick after work meal. It was also exciting to bust out my Chinese Five Spice from Penzey’s that I bought with my first order last month. (There may, or may not, have been a second order of spices made yesterday.) The picture is from my wok, and two servings worth of meat and veggies. I also had a few more strawberries for dessert. They are like crack.








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