Paleo Bites 6/17

Finally Friday! For breakfast I made a scramble with pastured eggs, tomoatoes, red onion, and spinach. I topped it with guacamole and a side of sauerkraut. I had two large cups of one of my favorite Mighty Leaf teas, Vanilla Bean. My scramble reminded me of how not great Trader Joes produce is. It may be convenient, but nothing has any taste to it.  I don’t buy much from the inside aisles at TJs, the only things I can think of right now are salsa verde, diced tomoatoes, and sometimes nuts. I should probably just stock up on these items once in a while and buy my produce only at the farmers market.

I forgot to take a picture of my lunch, but I had leftover tacos in salad form and a side of strawberries. Trying to make tacos at my desk usually ends up with me cleaning up a mess, so I’ve been sticking to salads instead.

And now a confession, in the afternoon I got really tired and grumpy. And I broke down and had a diet dr. pepper and some cheeze its. Moving on…

After picking up almost 30 boxes and packing supplies for $30 (thank you craigslist!) on my way home from work, I made a really simple dinner. I sauted half a bag of kale as a side to go with a stir fry of grass feed beef, broccoli slaw, spinach, fish sauce, and salt and pepper. Easy and filling. Then I went to bed at 9pm.



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