Paleo Bites 6/16

Bon jour! I made it home from ten days of blissful vacation Wednesday night around midnight. And was, of course, awake by 4:30. I am not looking forward to the next few days of zombie, but it was very much worth it for the awesome trip. We had so much fun in Iceland and Paris, I’m already throwing out ideas for the next trip. And now really counting down the days until we get to see each other more than on the weekends. Two months, almost! This is us in Paris, hiding under an eave while waiting for a rain storm to pass. The weather was not what I had been hoping for, but it didn’t make our time away any less awesome.

While abroad, I did not pay terrible attention to what I ate. I enjoyed the local food and drink and ate healthy when it was easy to do. I’m ready to jump back into a healthier routine though as I can very much feel the effects of 10 days (who am I kidding, 3 or 4 weeks since I was so burned out before the trip) of less than ideal food choices. I thought about doing a second Whole30 to kick start myself, but the problem with that is that I just sit and countdown until it’s done and I’m not sure how effective the lifestyle changes are. For now I’m going to hold off and continue to eat Paleo and document my food, without any sort of challenge. I am however, being extremely diligent with my planning. When I make time to plan out meals, I eat foods I love and never feel like I’m missing anything. I got a little lonely my last day or two in Paris solo, and a little tired of playing tourist, so I bought a notebook and planned out every meal from today through next Friday, complete with shopping lists. I was in nerd heaven having all this time to be uberorganized.

For breakfast I had three scrambled eggs with a side of sauerkraut. Since I didn’t have anything fresh in the house, I added about 1/2 a tablespoon of coconut oil to my eggs for fat. To counteract the super sweet flavor, I used some canned salsa that I had picked up a while ago for instances just like this. It tastes a bit too much like tomato sauce, but it works in a pinch. I also had two large mugs of tea. I was hoping to skip the coffee, but was dying around 10:30 and had a half decaf, half regular black coffee.

I had to buy lunch since I had nothing at home. I got a chef’s salad from the bakery near work, skipping the cheese, croutons and dressing. I had them add every single vegetable they have and topped it off with my own olive oil and vinegar brought from home. I forgot to skip the bread, so had to throw away a delicious place of rosemary focaccia. Oh well, I ate enough bread in Paris to last a lifetime!

I’d gone nearly two weeks without Mexican food (though we did find a Mexican restaurant in Reykjavik that was really quite good), so it was an easy choice for dinner, Taco Thursday! I used grass fed beef, homemade taco seasoning, and coconut oil for the meat. I topped with chopped tomatoes and red onion, guacamole (pre-made as TJs didn’t have any ripe avocados), and a few sprinkles of hot sauce. My body is so out of whack it took me almost two hours to get the three wraps down. Usually it takes about 3 minutes. I forced myself to eat it all though so I wouldn’t wake up hungry. And it worked, I got 7.5 hours of sleep before I popped up wide awake! I’m still going on less than 12 hours in three days, but the weekend is here and I plan to sleep any time I can make it  happen. Happy Friday!

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