Paleo Bites 5/21/2011 & 5/22/2011

20110523-095005.jpgFinally the weekend! And, shockingly, still here to report about my food, despite the Rapture. It was a very long week, so this weekend was not full many plans. But, we still got in some delicious Paleo food, even if I didn’t make the majority of it. I figure I eat about 95% Paleo during the week and about 80% on the weekend. I eat no gluten (unless I’m unaware of it); the majority of my non-Paleo weekend eating is wine, vodka, corn chips /popcorn, dairy, and chocolate.

The love and I woke up much later than usual on Saturday and decided to go out for a big brunch that would hold us over until our dinner plans. We went to Abigail’s, a little French cafe that is usually pretty dead on the weekend. I guess word has gotten out about the hidden gem because it was packed. I had the house omelet (ham, bacon, onions, avocado), hold the sour cream. I also skipped the potatoes and bread. I enjoyed a decaf coffee with cream.

After a day of chores and getting some work done, we went for a 3.5 mile run in the afternoon then headed over to my friend KK’s for dinner with her and her boyfriend. We have not been able to spend much time together lately so it was really nice to catch up. KK has been traveling the world for work, so I offered to bring over supplies for dinner. She made homemade humus (not Paleo, but delicious!) and had veggies, bread, and cheese ready for us. I did not touch the bread but did enjoy my veggies with humus and cheese.

We split the last bottle of Cakebread I had from my parents’ visit in January, so I had about two glasses of wine throughout the course of the evening (5, 6).  

I made fish tacos for us and I thought all the recipes were worth linking to: mango salsa, guacamole, fish tacos (I used full fat Greek yogurt instead of the sour cream, and doubled the recipe to feed four – tons of leftovers). I also made a batch of kale chips, but didn’t cook them quite long enough. I ate my tacos as a salad by adding a few handfuls of plain cabbage to my plate first, then piling on the goods. KK made chocolate fondu after dinner (dark chocolate and a few splashes of cream) which we ate with strawberries and apple slices. It was so nice to catch up with them and get to know her boyfriend better.


I made a simple breakfast on Sunday morning, just eggs, bacon and jalapeno kraut. I also had a glass of orange juice (left from the fish marinade) and a cup of decaf coffee. While the love worked I walked to the Farmers Market in my neighborhood and picked up veggies for the week. I got home and made myself a bowl of leftover fish “tacos”, but only got through half of it. We went to see Bridesmaids at the movie theater and had “lunch” during the movie. I had a hot dog, sans bun, with mustard. It was beyond salty and really tasted super processed.


It was only five when we got back to the Marina and we decided to have a glass of wine (7; since I had one glass left for the week!) at Bin 38. While there I looked up the recipe for the meatloaf I planned to make for dinner and found that it was going to be at least 2 hours until we ate, with a lot of prep work. We decided to eat dinner at Bin 38 instead, and of course I had a second glass of wine (8! bad!). I requested a side salad instead of fries and enjoyed my burger with a ton of djion mustard and again skipped the bun.

We ate out a lot this weekend, but I think I kept it at least 80% Paleo. Once we get back from vacation we’ll have to get back on track with eating in more often, but we’re both a little tired and ready for a vacation right about now, so any excuse to not cook and do dishes seems reasonable.

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