Paleo Bites 5/17/2011

What a dreary day. People keep asking how I feel about moving to Seattle given the weather. Well, it is raining cats and dogs in SF on May 17th…

20110517-092928.jpgI had an early meeting plus I knew traffic would be awful so I quickly scrambled three eggs with spinach and topped off with fresh pico de gallo. I am out of avocado right now, so I added extra coconut oil to stay full until lunch. Once I got to work I had a half decaf black coffee.

For lunch this week I’m digging into the pulled pork leftovers I made two weekends ago. Yum! Ididn’t pre-cook veggies last night so I had slim pickings, just broccoli slaw from TJs with an olive oil dressing. I forgot dish, so I ate my pulled pork out of a cup. It didn’t look super appetizing, so I skipped the picture.

I had planned tacos for dinner, but forgot to buy lettuce for the wrap and didn’t have any fresh taco seasoning on hand. I ended up just using unseasoned pork and topped it with guacamole and salsa. As I type I’m having an artichoke with a little bit of melted pastured butter. Does anyone else find that artichokes leave a weird taste in their mouth?

I’ve had quite the exciting Paleo evening. It started with two fun packages that arrived. The first is my spice delivery from Penzey’s. I ordered smoked paprika, a breakfast rub (it has sugar, so won’t be ordering that again!), Chinese five spice, and Rogan Josh. They threw in the BBQ as a sample. Also the Rogan Josh was free and I got $5 off my order – google for coupon codes before ordering (1/2 cup jar for free and $5 off $10 order)!

My second delivery is Red Boat fish sauce. After reading on a few blogs about the sugar in regular fish sauce, and the great umami taste you can add to virtually any dish, as soon as a free shipping code went out I had to order this new product. Can’t wait to use it. Check out the different in lables, bye bye Thai Kitchen!

Lastly, I have had chicken broth in the crock-pot for the last 24 hours. I came home from work today and strained it. I also drank a mug – anything to get this cold to go away. Since I use it mostly for sautéing, I stored the stock in amounts that I will go through in one week. I also set some aside for a few more mug-fulls this week.

I think that is it for the wrap-up of my first 100% Paleo day in quite some time!

2 thoughts on “Paleo Bites 5/17/2011

  1. paleoadventure

    We have the BEST summers in Seattle. Not too hot with a nice breeze! It has been gorgeous these last few days, upper 60s, bright blue skies and sunshine. And it’s pretty easy to be paleo in Seattle.


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