Paleo Bites – Weekend Update

I didn’t capture pictures of any food from the weekend. It’s really too bad as I ate some incredibly tasty meals, all of which were pretty clean. Because it was the love’s birthday and we had the BFF and Hubs in town, we ate every meal but breakfast on Saturday out. Despite that, I’m not feeling the usual weekend food hangover. Go paleo!

Saturday morning I made scrambled eggs with spicy jalapeño chicken sausage from TJs. After picking up BFF and Hubs from Sea-Tac we headed to Pike Place Market and ate at Uli’s for lunch. The love and I shared a platter of three sausages and a few sides. We then met up with other friends at a wine and cheese festival in the market. I had maybe one glass of wine and a small beer tasting (my only known gluten of the weekend).

Late in the afternoon we snacked on some Mexican appetizers, where I did indulge in a few corn chips. I had a glass of wine before dinner as we kicked off the birthday celebration. For dinner at Thaiku I ate spicy minced pork with a fried egg and kept myself to jut a few bites of rice. Need to get better at asking for my dishes without grains when I order. From dinner we headed to a dive bar for the birthday party. I had a few vodka sodas with lime while we celebrated the love’s new decade and watched him chicken dance to Ice Ice Baby on the karaoke stage. Unfortunately, no video was taken.

Sunday we slept in and skipped breakfast. We had a birthday lunch with the family at Lunchbox Laboratory where I had a bunless spicy burger. It did have cheese and a jalapeño ranch dressing. I snacked on a side of sweet potato fries as well. We took BFF and Hubs to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Chupacabra, for dinner. I had chips and guacamole and shrimp tacos. I requested no rice but wasn’t strong enough to not eat the corn tortillas that came with the tacos.

Overall, not bad. I just noticed I also skipped a drink in favor of water at three meals where others had a drink.

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