Paleo Bites 5/16/2011


I started the day at 3:30. Please understand this as you read my list of transgressions. On a non-food related note, we’ve decided that, aside from one July flight that is already booked for early Monday morning, we are flying Sunday nights. There’s an end to all this craziness in sight, so skipping a few Sunday nights might help us keep our sanity.

Back to food. For breakfast I had the other half of my bunless burger from Sunday lunch. I also had a cup of coffee on the plane. It was awful so I asked for one creamer packet.

I wasn’t feeling great so after taking care of a few things at the office I headed home. For lunch I made myself a spicy jalapeño chicken sausage from TJs, two zucchinis broiled with olive oil and sea salt, and some TJs broccoli slaw mixed with an olive oil dressing.

Then I ate a lot of habanero cheese.

On a good note, I made it through my first soda-free day with flying colors.


I had plans to meet a friend for sushi at 7. She spent twenty minutes trying to find parking in my neighborhood and eventually gave up. I felt weird leaving without ordering anything, so as much as I hate to spend money eating out on my own, I ordered a seaweed salad and yellow tail sashimi to go. This is my favorite sushi place and it was terrible! The seaweed salad had maybe three bites (usually my friend and I share one) and the sushi pieces were a little on the slimy side. Sigh. I did get to try my coconut aminos as soy sauce and I didn’t taste a difference at all.

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