Paleo Bites 5/12/2011


I’m a little late posting yesterday’s food mostly because I have some sort of head cold. If this doesn’t convince me that one week of clean living plus one week of crap living isn’t reaking havoc on my body, not sure what will. I’m trying to squash it as this weekend is a fun one – the love turns 30 and the BFF and hubs are meeting up with us in Seattle to celebrate. No room for sore throats and itchy eyes!

My food yesterday was pretty boring, mostly finishing up the food in the fridge. For breakfast I had three eggs fried in coconut oil and topped with guacamole. I also had a side of jalapeno sauerkraut. I enjoyed a cup of decaf with heavy cream as well. I guess I forgot to take a picture as I’m not seeing one on my phone.

Lunch was leftover brussel sprouts, beets, and blackened cod from the night before. Nothing terribly exciting. For snacks during the day I had an apple, a hard-boiled egg, and a Larabar. I also had a diet dr. pepper. I am giving myself until Monday then I’m going cold turkey with the soda. It’s getting ridiculous.

For dinner I had what looks like a very brown meal. I heated up the remaining leftover taco meat from Taco 20110513-115345.jpgTuesday and topped it with the last of the guacamole and TJs Salsa Verde. I don’t eat many processed foods, but the ingredients list on this salsa is 100% clean, it tastes great, and it’s good to have a bottle of it in the cupboard for when I run out of fresh salsa. I also tried to saute Portobello mushrooms in pastured butter. Frankly, wasn’t impressed. Maybe it was my cooking skills, but definitely not worth the hefty price tag.

I made a very sad discovery as well yesterday. From time to time, when I’m eating super clean, I notice that I still have a noisy, uncomfortable tummy. It annoys me to no end, as that is one of the main reasons I made the switch to Paleo eating anyway. It finally dawned on me that it happens when I incorprate dairy into my diet. For the 26 days I did a Whole30, I had virtually no problems. I was also 100% dairy free. I’m going to stay off dairy for two weeks starting tomorrow and see how I do. Sad day.

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