Paleo Bites 5/11/2011


Breakfast was my usual scrambled eggs with spinach in coconut oil, topped with salsa and guacamole, and a side of jalapeno sauerkraut. The kraut, by the way, has lasted for at least seven meals with another two to go. It seemed pricey when I bought it, but I didn’t realize how much was packed in there. I’ll be sad next week when I’m out of it and not able to make it to the Farmers Market this weekend. I 20110511-082416.jpgpicked up some organic heavy whipping cream last night on my walk and enjoyed it in my decaf coffee. It’s not grass fed or raw as I didn’t find any at my local health food store.

I had a meeting from 11 – 1 today so before going into that I ate my snack of a sliced apple and a hard boiled egg. In the meeting I had a cup of black decaf coffee, mainly because the room was freezing and I couldn’t find any decaf tea.

After my meeting, for lunch I had leftover taco meat  from yesterday with more salsa and guacamole. I should really call my food lifestyle Avocado rather than Paleo. With the taco meat I had a mixed green salad with a homemade dressing. The recipe came from my new favorite cookbook.

20110511-082443.jpgThe afternoon lulls hit again and I succumed to the diet dr. pepper. I really don’t know how to avoid this. I’m thinking maybe a can of soda water with lemon will help. At least it will be bubbly? I’ll have to pick some up and try

 it out. When I get home from work I found my grass fed jerky chews had arrived in the mail! I bought these to take with me on vacation for the times when we can’t find a good choice. At least I’ll have the right intention, we’ll see what I really do when the time comes. I wanted to try one, but they are not cheap so I immediately put them in the freezer to last until June.


I got home from work at 7:30 and the desire to stop for fast food or pick-up a quick quasi-Paelo-friendly meal was huge, but I went with my plan for blackened cod with brussel sprouts and beets. I cheated on the beats so I could have dinner ready in 20 minutes by using pre-steamed ones from TJs. They weren’t great, but they worked and I’ll keep a package in the fridge going forward for a quick veggie option. The cod was fantastic and I am excited to have yet another blog for recipe inspiration


Now I have a few hours left of work and will be attempting to not raid the fridge so I don’t have more to report back on tomorrow. I’m in the middle of reading a great new book about sleep, yet work has kept me from getting much of it this week. I’d like to be a stay at home girlfriend and eat grass-feed beef bon bons. Please?

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