Whole40: Day 5

We started the day with a big protein load to keep us full on the hike we had planned. We each had three scrambled eggs, two and a half pieces of bacon, and a side of guacamole.


We met up with friends for a five mile hike at Rattlesnake Ridge. We hiked for about two hours. Great way to start the weekend and get two hours of PBF movement in. On the drive home I snacked on a few almonds left over from the airport.

After cleaning up we made a quick TJs run to stock the freezer and had lunch at The Counter. I had a bunless burger with avocado, bacon, hard boiled eggs, lettuce, red onion, and tomato. I ate a tiny bit of the tzatziki sauce and had a side of sweet potato fries. I’m trying to avoid these in restaurants as I know they usually have flour on them and are fried in who knows what kind of oil.


We had tickets to the Sounders game courtesy of Slalom in the evening. While at the game I had 2.5 beers. I am also trying to avoid gluten beer, but it was fun to try local PNW beers. The game was a lot of fun and the fans are crazy into the team. Not sure I’ve ever seen so much official merchandise worn at a sporting event. I have my eye on a scarf. We won 3-0!

After the game we went out to a few bars with a friend. I had a whiskey ginger and an IPA, bringing my total for the week to my max of 7. I also had some spicy wings and stole a few fries from the friend’s plate around 11 when I realized I had never eaten dinner.

Today I’m definitely feeling bloated from the beer and a bit tired from booze-sleep. It was a fun day though and I’m slowly learning what foods/drinks make me feel less than stellar.

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