Whole40: Day Four & SFO

Friday! Royal Wedding! Seattle! 

I woke up at 2:40 to watch the royal wedding. I had no idea I’d be so into it, but the alarm went off and I decided to make a morning of it.

Around 4:45 I made breakfast. I went with three eggs since I was eating so early and added 1/3 avocado and more jalapeño kraut. My pastured eggs are from a new farm this week and were pretty tasty. My cooking technique is also getting better, no broken yokes!


When I made dinner on Thursday night I made sure to have enough for lunch Friday and lunch Tuesday (since I am flying back from Seattle Tuesday morning). Of course, I left in a rush in the morning and forgot both at home. I had to brave the cafeteria instead and had the salmon special with extra veggies, hold the rice.


I was super excited to get to SFO and try Tyler Florence’s rotisserie in the new Terminal 2. Happy chickens, gluten free, with a few Paleo friendly sides to chose from. Sadly it was the only restaurant in the terminal not open! Instead I had a chicken taco salad at Andale, which was pretty disappointing. I did not eat the shell.


I also ate half a bag of almonds that I bought at the airport – the avocado on the salad was not a fat portion that was going to keep me full. After quite the bumpy take-off, I bought a glass of red wine on the plane to enjoy while I read a book and watched more coverage of the Royal Wedding. The love picked me up at the airport at 8 and we managed to stay awake until 10ish before crashing. We were both hungry but too tired to do anything about it, so the wine was the last of my food for the day.

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