Whole40: Day 2

Despite some serious cravings for soda (50 ounces of water later I managed to not give in to the temptation), day two was not bad at all.

I got out of bed at a decent time and made myself two pastured eggs in coconut oil. My egg frying skills need help. Badly. Along with my eggs I had a large decaf coffee, 1/3 avocado, and jalapeno sauerkraut. I forgot to take a picture of breakfast.

My schedule was a little odd today, with meetings falling during lunch. At 11 I ate a bowl of Paleo chili from the freezer to hold me over. After my meetings I had mixed veggies and an apple from the cafeteria. Eating these veggies this week make me miss the high quality produce I get at my local Farmers Market. Hopefully at the end of summer life will calm down a bit and a weekly Farmers Market routine will be feasible. Until then, it’s crappy cold broccoli for me.


Wow, those really don’t look appetizing, but the chili is great!

I tried drinking a ton of water today and that has somewhat helped my afternoon snack needs. I was still starving when I got home, so I really need to figure this out or plan ahead for a healthy afternoon snack.

I had a quick dinner of leftover grass-fed beef lettuce tacos and sweet potato fries with guac (playing with more fat to see if I stay full longer) before heading out to see Water for Elephants with two girlfriends. Great movie, even better since I had read the book in 2008 and barely remembered it. My plan was to come home and do my first PBF “Lift Heavy Things” workout. Instead though, I joined the girls for 1.5 glasses of red wine after the movie. I had a great time and got to know two new friends a little better, so not going to beat myself up for it.

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