March Reading List

Posting this a little late, but better late than never. I’m driving myself to work now and my hours have increased quite a bit. Add in traveling all but one weekend during the month and I have a grand total of three books read in March. I’m now at 11 for the year, so well over a third of my goal in just a quarter of time. Go me!

Let’s Take the Long Way Home: Recommended by a friend, this is a really sweet memoir of friendship between two women who met mid-life. It was written as a sort of therapy for Gail after Caroline passed away quickly from lung cancer. While the subject matter was pretty heavy, it was a really sweet story.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society: My mom recommended this book a while back after reading it with her book club. I finally got around to it and I am so happy I did. It’s the only non-fiction book I’ve read so far in 2011 and it is by far my favorite book of the year. It had been a while since I’d read a book I couldn’t put down. I went through many first class napkins on a flight up to Seattle as I read parts of it that really spoke of the awful brutality and disrespect for human life by the Nazi regime. By no means was it a depressing book, it just was tough to read at times knowing that those scenes came from true stories.

My Life in France: Julia wrote this book with her nephew very late in her life (if I remember correctly, she actually passed before it was published). It is a memoir of the time she spent living in France with her husband, where she learned French cooking. She spent quite a bit of time talking about the markets and shops and life in France, and I am now so excited about the love and I’s trip to Paris in two months!

One thought on “March Reading List

  1. RFW

    Of all the Julia books, I like My Life in France the best, and the Guernsey…is a wonderful read. You might also like Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.


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