February Reading List

I came in just shy of my four book goal for February by reading three. I’m going at almost a book-a-week rate, so I think I’ll be just fine in meeting my 30 book goal for the year (at eight through February). Still totally out of character for me – all three books this month were non-fiction. All three books were ebooks and I broke my no buying a book in 2011 rule to purchase a copy of The Paleo Solution.

The Lost Girls: Fun travel memoir by three girlfriends in their late twenties who dropped their Manhattan lives to roam the world for a year.

The Paleo Solution (Robb Wolf): At time s I found this to go on and on, and I think all of the information in the book is available on the myriad of websites dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle. Overall though, it’s a great introduction to the lifestyle and a good single source of information if you don’t want to slog through the internet.

365 Nights (Charla Muller): The premise is that, for her husband’s 40th birthday, the author offers him a year of nightly lovin’. Odd choice to read, but it was available from the library without wait and I’m obsessed with books that chronicle a time period of someone doing something. It turned out to be more of a memoir on marriage, which I found very interesting.

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